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The spawn is quite open and looks good from a design-point.
But there’s the issue with having signs there. Why not using holograms?

Are you using a plugin like WorldGuard, to stop the time? I use Optifine with shaders and can see, how the shadows are “jumping”. I recommend disabling the daylight-cycle with the vanilla gamerule (/gamerule doDaylightCycle false) or with the Multiverse-Gamerule command, if you use Multiverse.

The sound when typing /rules scared the shit out of me… Not really good.


I can see all plugins with /pl[ugins]… Is that intendet? The “& many more” at the let me believe that it is intendet.

The tablist has WAY to much stuff on it. A tablist should never be the main source of many infos.
That of course doesn’t mean, that you can’t do it, but I think, splitting the info up into multiple litle parts, that the tab cycles through is much better.

/help opens a GUI with useful infos and /[tab] is blocked (That’s good)


  • Spawn:¬†8/10
    The design of the spawn is unique in its way. The idea to have the different √∂ocations of the portal (owerworld, nether, end, …) at the walls is not bad.
    Small things like the jumping sun and use of signs at the floor reduces this rating a bit.
  • Plugins/Commands: 7/10
    I didn’t realy test all plugins, but I like the thing, to customize /help and if /pl[ugins] is also customized: Well done.
  • Fun: -/10
    No rating, because I didn’t really test everything, nut I saw that you have survival-freebuild, SkyBlock and PvP, which is 80% of the servers I know and saw…

Average Rating: 7.5/10
Final Rating: 8/10 (Nice)